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Q - How much does it cost to set up?

Answer – FREE! All we need to know is what domain you would like to use!

Q - We have never used a website before, is it easy?

Answer – YES! The website will be built using wordpress which has a very simple backend. The backend will show you all your products and sales.

Q - Is hosting & the domain FREE?

Answer – YES! We won’t charge for monthly hosting and domain renewal which roughly costs £150-£250 a year!.

Q - Will we get any help?

Answer – YES! You will be assigned an account manager to help you between the hours of 9-5 Mon-Fri, if an emergency occurs in outside hours, we will try our very best to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Q - What do I need to provide?

Answer – We would require a spreadsheet with all your products you want to sell, prices, and any other information you want to add about the products. We would also require images for the products you’re going to sell. Also we would need payment information (Where customers can you directly through the website), and finally a logo for your business.

Q - I’m a butcher, not a photographer...

Answer – We understand that some butchers don’t have the time to take pictures of their products. The pictures are up to you, and how you would like them to look. We can however provide images for a cost. These images were taken by a professional photographer inside a butcher’s and as long as you sell those products, then we can use our image collection to fill in for your products.

Q - How long will it take before I get my website?

Answer – We aim to have this ready for you between 3-5 days! As long as you can provide the csv file, images, payment information and logo.


Q - What do I need to add to the spreadsheet?

Answer – We will provide you with an example of what needs to be added to the spreadsheet file. Use this example to help you with creating your own spreadsheet

Q - We only want to deliver to a certain area?

Answer – Our system can restrict what postcodes can order on your website.

Q - Why do I need this?

Answer – More and more butchers are now delivering products to their customers, and why not! This can bring you larger revenue along with your footfall customers. Taking an order on the phone can sometimes lead to mistakes, and having a website with an ordering system will prevent any errors!

Q - When did Meat my Butcher start?

Answer – Our managing director started his working life as a butcher, and worked in the industry for more than 10 years. He then moved onto the IT world, and saw a gap in the market. So be rest assured that the person running things knows the difference between a sirloin and a rump.

Q - What’s the catch?

Answer – All we require is 3% on all online monthly orders. We will invoice you the total amount at the end of every month. This would equate to £3 on an £100 order.

Q - I have signed up and have my website, now what?

Answer – Our Account Managers have all worked in online marketing for over 10 years, and we can help with ideas on how to market your website. When signed up, we will provide you with a small PDF with ideas on how to grow your online store.

Q - Does this work?

Answer – YES! Please check out our testimonials. Our first customer added an extra £10,000 to his revenue in the first month!

Gregory Williams Butchers

‘We have seen a fantastic increase in our sales since the launch of our site. The team at have been amazing, going above and beyond to help us get our online service up and running as quickly as possible. Our new home delivery service has been a huge hit thanks to the website. We cannot recommend these guys enough!’

– John Ingleby

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Kennedy’s Butchers

‘Before we had our website, our online presence was non-existent. Now, thanks to the MeatMyButcher guys, my sales have increased by nearly 30% and I have received nothing but great feedback from my customers who have used the online ordering service. Couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you so much’

– Darren Kennedy

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Bare village butchers

‘We’ve always had a great following from our local area, but the website has expanded our customer base and helped our sales hugely during the difficult COVID lockdown. We could not be more thankful of the MMB guys, they’ve created a fantastic, easy to use site which our customers love. If you’re looking to have improved sales, look no further than these guys.’

– Bryson Little

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